Building Safety, Efficiency and Cost Savings - Ing. Cristian Angeli

The idea of this book directly followed the realization of how scarce the information is on the scientific research carried out all over the world on ICFs (Insulating Concrete Forms).
These studies were conducted through testing and experimentation and offer scientific evidence on the economic, safety and energetic benefits of the ICF construction system. Therefore, the author of the present book collected, analyzed and catalogued by typology fifty pieces of research that are now available for rapide use and easy consultation.
The collective reading of these works shows that ICFs make a construction system with a relevant and internationally consolidated scientific background concerning both the usual performativity and exceptional aspects like explosions and tornadoes.
Each summary is followed by a few explicatory lines listing the topic and the references to the author.
The volume also presents an introductory part in which the main specifications of the ICF system are described, and a section devoted to the pictures of buildings under construction to better illustrate this construction technology.

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